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Adoption is such a beautiful way to provide a nurturing, stable and loving environment to a child who is desiring a new beginning. 

The adoption process can sometimes be overwhelming for most families. This is why Destiny House is dedicated to taking each family by the hand to assist in navigating through each step, while offering education and post-placement support for all clients

We understand that situations arise, so we are equipped to handle each one with care, privacy, and sensitivity.

To Adopt In Arizona

One must be certified by the court as acceptable to adopt children. A certificate will be issued only after an investigation. The certification process includes:

  •  Written application

  •  Adoption orientation and training

  •  A certification investigation and report to the court that considers the prospective

  • Adoptive parents’ fitness to adopt children and includes:

  • Social history and references

  •  Finances

  •  Moral fitness

  • Physical and mental health

  • Any court action regarding child abuse

  •  A valid fingerprint clearance card for you and every adult member of your household

  •  Any other relevant information

Destiny House is ready to assist you in your journey of becoming a adoptive parent. For more information please complete the  Adoption Contact Form  or call us at 602 341-3634